Soyikwa Institute of African Theatre will present its captivating new musical, Scenes from Soweto, at the Wits Main Theatre from October 25.

After a long absence from the stage Soyikwa is to present a large cast of 25 professional and young up-and-coming actors and dancers, accompanied by a live band.

Scenes from Soweto is a musical journey that will take the audience through the day-to-day lives of Sowetans; their daily journeys on buses, taxis, trains and on foot.

“Soweto has been deemed the ‘riotous’ township. But when you peel away the layers of youth riots, you come to the core of a people who survived to make history. A people who love life, fun, happiness and love,” says Jerry Raletebele.

“From Soweto came leaders and artists that made the world aware that down in the south of Africa there are people who love and enjoy life and happiness. Scenes from Soweto will provide a true African musical experience with content that it is uniquely South African and will thrill, humour, awaken and educate all at the same time.”